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Hello to all my dear customers and friends. A date has been set, for our extravagant CELEBRATION  WEEKEND.  The featured theme is going to be centered about the Ottoman Empire's culinary evolution of confections to include sweet and savory  pastries originating from Turkey, Eastern Europe, France and Germany! My team and I are working hard to create the tastes, flavors and textures of "yester years" to stimulate your taste buds !  Please visit our shop the weekend of March 5-6.  Bring your appetite as well as a feeling of travel and curiosity!  We will also offer great soups, sandwiches and salads.
Please share our newsletter and website with your friends to make this celebration event a part of fun filled weekend .   Hope to see you!  

Pastry Chef Susanne Schilling

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I had the privilege early this month to visit the ancient city of Istanbul, the most populous city in Turkey and the country’s economic, cultural and historic center.  To satisfy my ongoing quest to experience firsthand, the connection between sweet treats and their origins, my trip to Istanbul did just that.  Istanbul was the seat of the Ottoman empire founded in 1299 ; and it the Ottomans spread their culinary influences over neighboring regions such as the former Yugoslavia,  the Balkans, Greece, Austria, and Hungary  (my mother's native land). 

A simple dough consisting of water, flour and salt was stretched paper thin to create a crispy thin dough and was used to make strudels, bureks (savory pies filled with meats, cheeses and spinach) and baklavas.  Differences exist between the various versions of this simple dough by country depending on the varied climate and growing seasons.   For instance, pistachios, almonds and walnuts are grown in the hotter regions of Turkey and the Middle East.  Walnuts, almonds, apples, cherries and poppy seed thrive in the climates of Europe.  Phyllo pastries filled with nuts or cheese, were soaked in sugary (honey) syrup to prevent spoilage in hotter regions.  Hungarian rétes , filled with apple, nuts, poppy seed or cabbage filling was adopted by the Austrians, and then renamed strudel.  Burek from the Balkan region is filled with meat or cheese and wrapped in phyllo dough.  Spanakopita (filled with spinach and feta), galaktabourko (filled with a sweet custard) are found in Greek cuisine.    
Other popular sweets which were influenced from this region are Turkish Lokum (otherwise known as Turkish Delight), French Montelimar , Italian Toronne, German Toblerone Chocolate, Mars bars and marshmallows.  All these candies have origins that date back to the Ottoman Empire.  The croissant, the vanilla crescent cookie (called kipfel) ,an evolution of  moon shape baked goods again all have origins from the Ottomans.  
I believe that the true art of a passionate Pastry Chef is to maintain traditions, and keep old recipes alive by continuing to create these authentic products with the best, original ingredients and methods of production.   So what is up and coming on the menu at Schilling's Patiserie ?  I thought you’d never ask!  We’ll be featuring many of these traditions in our pastry shop and hope that you will visit us soon.  No matter what your ethnic origins are, you’ll be sure to find something special in our shop that will enjoy.   We are committed to using the best ingredients as always!   Stay tuned for more news and our special weekend menu which includes both sweet and savory items. 
Best Regards,
Susanne Schilling
Pastry Chef 


Schilling's Patisserie aux Chocolat

109 Thomas Street
Oakville, ON L6J 3A7
PH:  (289) 291-2405 

Pastry Chef Schilling

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